1969 Corvette

This is a full restoration on a '69 with a Macho Shark body kit.

Many different layers of fillers under the primer... Some fillers are half an inch thick in places.


Pictures can tell better then words when trying to describe just how badly this car was put together long ago... Pieces patched together with wood screws... ten types of filler... disaster. Note the wave in this first picture, it's 3/4 of an inch of filler! Next pictures are what was under the fillers.

So the repairs begin... Here the bond strips are being remade.

Then grinded down.

Another coat of fiberglass over the bonds strip area and after grinding the rear area we start turning 10 pieces into one solid piece.

The door lines were made to match the front clip with fillers... sand them a little and it all fell off.

Up front the hood was so high you couldn't see out the window so it was brought down about 4 inches.

Here's the before:

There's still a good sized cowl which is required to clear the motor (there is only just over an inch clearance) but it looks proper now and you can see out the front window.

Next is to pull the front clip right off and repair the under side of it as well as the inner fenders and mounts on the car itself. This is the most amount of work required on any body we have had to do yet I think. There were so many areas that needed to be removed and completely remade it seemed like it would never get done. We even found fillers that had no hardener (or at least not enough) that was still wet after many years hidden under layers of fiber glass!

Here's some pictures of the body after it was repaired and primed.