1971 Lotus Elan 2+2

How it started:

Stripping the layers of paint off:

Repairing the hundreds of stress cracks and spider webbing (Above). First application of 3 coats of polyester primer (Below)

Making measurements and cutting an opening, then supporting the roof for a sun roof.

Rebuilt trunk edges

Entire car was block sanded then all minor imperfections touched up then everything was primed again.

Showing guide coat used while blocking the panels.

Next a colored sealer and the paint/clear coats. Paint is 1989 Corvette red.

IMG00172-20091211-1549.jpg (401823 bytes) IMG00173-20091211-1550.jpg (468984 bytes) IMG00175-20091211-2343.jpg (425187 bytes) IMG00183-20091217-1532.jpg (415985 bytes)

Then we masked up the car and undercoated it inside and out


Fitting the panels, weather stripping and bumpers


Taping all the panels and re-installing them. Plus installing the sun roof and interior wires and pieces... pictures shortly.