1979 Corvette

If any type of car deserves to be brought back to life it's a Corvette. This 'Vette' shows it's age inside and out but, by the time we're done it will have had a full makeover.

Before and After





The strip down: Bumpers, mirrors, lights, handles, etc. removed prior to body work. Interior stripped bare. 




The re-build.

Starting with the interior, we remove all the factory trim and floor covering to prepare for the sound deadening mat. This will help to lower the noise as well as the temperature in the car.

floor cleaned.jpg (52628 bytes) Floors scraped clean and washed with cleaner.

repairing floor pan r.jpg (59675 bytes) Floor pans re-enforced with seam sealer.

Dynamating floor.jpg (67753 bytes)  floor finished.jpg (60837 bytes) Getting the Dynamat installed.

covering the truck.jpg (58749 bytes) Covering the rear as well.


Body work

The car was completely stripped - the full interior removed, all the trim, emblems, bumpers, doors, etc.

motor bay.jpg (40074 bytes) Hood and lights removed, body sanded and repaired were needed

rear repair.jpg (39246 bytes) Bumper and fuel filler removed

rust grinded off doors.jpg (40035 bytes) Rust grinded off inner doors, will be covered with rust protection and repaired

front repair.jpg (35331 bytes) Front being repaired

hood repaired.jpg (16151 bytes)


 Hood sanded and repaired

doors.jpg (38491 bytes) Doors sanded and repaired



Both the front and rear bumpers are damaged in multiple location, the rear bumper has the usual wavy top panel from sun damage as well as spider webbing through out the entire panel and quite badly around the light housings. The front bumper has one large chunk missing as well as other smaller marks, the whole panel is also badly spider webbed.


front bumper.jpg (32277 bytes) front major damage.jpg (26088 bytes) front bumper damage.jpg (23296 bytes) front spider webbing.jpg (31912 bytes) broken front panel.jpg (27757 bytes)

rear bumper.jpg (23706 bytes) rear damage.jpg (17190 bytes) rear spider webbing.jpg (19942 bytes)


Bumpers would cost more to repair then to replace (plus they are badly warped and this is near impossible to fix) so this is a good chance to update the car with 1982 bumpers.

After Paint


Power polishing the body after painting and wet sanding. Very messy job.


Everything is going back together. This color looks amazing in the light.

New interior being installed

New 100 % leather seats with custom painted buckets to match exterior