1934 Cabriolet

Standard Features Include: Doors hinged and

latched. The hidden hinges are 1/4 steel and

mounted to a steel column. Doors open to a full 90

degrees. Power window regulators and track. Dash

installed. Garnish moldings. DOT approved rotary

door latches with adjustable striker plate. Complete

floor and tranny cover. Trunk lid hinged, adjusted

and opens wide on hidden hinges where

applicable. Drip gutter in trunk. Steel and fiberglass

reinforced and much more...


1934 Cabriolet 1934 Cabriolet
Body shown with fender kit sold separately
1934 Cabriolet Car Body $6,000
Body Parts
Front Fenders $190.00 ea.
Running Boards $150.00 pr.
Rear Fenders $165.00 ea.
Inner Fender $100.00 pr.
Grill Shell $120.00
Hood $120.00
Hood Slides $135.00 pr.
Rear tank cover (plain) $100.00
"V" Splash $60.00
Recessed License Plate Style $100.00
Fancy Inner Fenders $140.00
Front Fender "V" hold down $23.00
Front fender brace $60.00 ea.
Front fender brace (rear) $13.00 ea.
Rear rolled pan 2" $100.00
Cowl Vent $250.00
Tubing of body $350.00
Channeled $300.00
Hard top $300.00
Installation kit for hard top $200.00
Frame & Frame Parts
Perimeter Frames - Straight Axle $1,950.00
Perimeter Frames - Straight Axle  Pro Street $2,300.00
Perimeter Frames - IFS $2,525.00
Perimeter Frames - IFS Pro Street $2,875.00
Rolling Chassis
Rolling Chassis - Straight Axle $2,000.00
Rolling Chassis - Straight Axle Pro Street $7,550.00
Rolling Chassis - IFS $5,900.00
Rolling Chassis - IFS Pro Street $7,350.00
Hood Support Rods
Stainless steel rods $80.00
Firewall supports $19.00 set
"Walker" radiator $700.00
Electric fan - 15" $90.00
Hoses & Clamps $40.00
Tranny Lines $30.00
Prices are can change without notice please contact us for current prices