FFR Mk3 Roadster

The above Yellow FFR Cobra replica is currently at our shop and is for sale, or we can build you one to your own specs. If you prefer to build your own we can supply you with all the parts you will need.

Here's how the kit is delivered with all the parts boxed up nicely and the body, interior panels, and frame already lined up.



The kit is $12,990 US, + Shipping of approx. $2500, + Boarder/Brokerage fees of about $450, + all paper work with FFR, Government, and Customs.

*** USA customers pay $12,990 US for the kit plus shipping - no crate is required. All other countries pay $12,990 US plus crate charge and shipping charges.

All parts must be shipped in a crate if coming to Canada, and a fee of $595. must be added for this.

No hassles for you, place your order with us and we do everything for you - we'll even build your kit for you if you want!



Running Gear from 1987-2004 Mustangs
The original FFR Roadster was based on the innovation of using running gear from a single modern donor vehicle, namely the high performance Mustang.  The concept is so simple…  If you have our kit and a 1987-2004 Mustang GT donor car, you already have all the parts you need to build and drive your car!

1987-2004 Mustangs are a good source of performance parts.

Using as many parts from the Mustang as possible is one affordable way to go.

We chose the Mustang running gear for a number of reasons, but mostly because it has established itself as the performance bargain of the last two decades.  The earlier Mustang 302 V-8 is the exact same block that powered the original vintage AC Cobrasâ and Fordâ GT-40’s to World Championships in the 60’s.  Over a million Mustangs were built between 1987 and 2004 and the performance aftermarket for these parts is well established.

The “donor car” path is not the only way to build an FFR.  You can also bypass donor parts and buy the remaining mechanical parts from a variety of sources both new and used.  This adds some expense but is not too hard to do.  Over the years we have modified the kit to be able to accommodate a variety of engine, drive-train, and suspension choices.  Over half of our customers today build their kit using engine/drive train parts from a donor Mustang, whereas the remainder elect to buy all new parts or a combination thereof. 

Standard Parts:  Mk3 Roadster Kit


There is perhaps nothing more confusing and frustrating than trying to figure out what you get, and more importantly, what you don’t get with some of the kits manufactured today.  We consider a standard part as something you’ll need to drive the car that doesn’t come from the Mustang.  We hate the idea of selling a ton of options.  It’s laughable how some companies will call a windshield, or a steering wheel optional (or side exhaust or roll bar or seat belts for that matter!). 

In all fairness, the custom aspect of what we build and sell makes it hard to produce a “one-size fits all” package.  The donor Mustang concept is a very powerful one since the regular kit comes with everything you need to complete your car except the donor parts.  With the advent of different powertrains and suspensions however, figuring out what you get and what you’ll need are still complicated questions.  We’ll be glad to help you sort through the details.  This section tells you exactly what comes with the standard roadster kit.  If you would like to see the actual packlist for the standard kit you can check it out on our website or you can review a hard copy in the assembly manual.


Building a world-class custom car is a function of the engineering of the chassis kit and the quality of the individual parts.


Later in this package we’ll provide you with a step-by-step ordering process that helps you order your kit accurately without any surprises.  Here’s what you get standard:


1.       Body:  Hand laid 3/16” laminate with vinylester resin.  Comes with separate and complete doors, door liners, hood, hood liner, and trunk with aluminum trunk liner.  Doors and trunk are hinged and mounted. 

2.       Frame: Complete jig-welded original style 4” round tube frame.  Includes all mounts ready to accept small block Ford and 1987-2004 Mustang running gear.  Kit can be ordered to accept a wide variety of engines/suspensions. 

3.       Chassis Aluminum Panels: Includes over 40 CNC cut, pre-formed aluminum panels for cockpit, trunk, and engine bay.

4.       Front Suspension:  Includes high quality tubular upper a-arms, adapter brackets and all grade-8 mounting hardware.

5.       Roll Bar: Complete roll bar assembly ready to bolt directly to finished frame mounts.

6.       Side Exhaust Assembly:  Comes w/pair of 4-into-1 side steel side pipes, straight tubes, gaskets, and mounting hardware.

7.       Lighting:  Original-style British and Lucas lighting, including DOT headlights, front amber turn lamps, DOT rear red, twin filament tail-lights, and chromed original license plate light.

8.    Exterior and Interior Accessories:

       Original style Chrome-on-Brass vintage windscreen, tinted.

       Authentic 3.5” Aston roller gas cap, polished cast aluminum with adaptor kit and all fasteners.

       Authentic 14” or 15” wood and aluminum steering wheel, w/polished aluminum boss and small center badge.

       Authentic British style chrome latches, handles, and locks.

       Authentic inside rear view mirror and side view mirror.

       Original design quick-jack competition bumpers.

       Original design pleated seats and mounting hardware.                                                                                

       Authentic chrome shifter ring and boot.

       Original design chromed reverse canted shifter.

       Driver and passenger professional 3” wide H-harnesses made by SIMPSONÔ, frame mounted w/fasteners.

       Covered aluminum dash with dash buttons, toggles and indicator lights.

       Competition hood pins.

       High quality laser-cut aluminum side louvers.

       Original design interior trim package includes door pockets, dash cover, shifter cover, and emergency brake boot.       

9.    Weather-strip/Seals:  Adhesive backed press-on trim, weather-strip, cool “expanda-foam” sealant and grommeting.

10.    Carpet:  Complete carpet set, pre-cut and packaged separately.

11.    Gauge Package:  Mustang gauge conversion kit with machined bezels, spacers, wiring extensions, fasteners and lenses.

12.    Steering Kit:  Steering adapter kit to utilize Mustang steering rack includes upper shaft, pillow block, flange bearing, fasteners, lower shaft and u-joints.  Features a collapsible column.

13.    Cooling Fan: Electric cooling fan and mounting hardware, extensions for radiator hoses, and all necessary fasteners.*

14.    Oil Filter Relocater:  Relocate kit comes with all hoses and hardware.*

15.    S B Performance Filter and Fan Belt:  Air filter kit and hardware*.

16.    Battery Tray and Cable:  Battery tray, hardware, and pre-cut, pre-assembled 4-gauge positive cable w/terminal covers.

17.    Pulley Kit:  A/C replacement pulley kit and custom length fan belt* with fasteners.

18.    Assembly Manual:  Bound assembly manual that is over 200 pages long.   

19.    Fasteners:  Over 1100 top quality zinc plated, chrome and stainless steel USS and SAE fasteners, numbered and packed individually by assembly.


Owing to the complexity of different Mustang parts from 1987 to 2004, we have two simple packages that address these parts differences.  Basically, all the kit parts that we provide are interchangeable except for a few items.  Customer who use Mustang parts from 1996 to 2004 get a few extra parts and don’t need some others.  Parts identified in the preceding list with an asterisk * are replaced with the following parts for customers using 1996-2004 donor cars

  1. Ignition Switch:  Includes the key, switch and electrical connectors to use with 96-04 parts.
  2. Brake Hydroboost Mount Assembly:  For customers using 96-04 Hydroboost brakes.  Includes tool.
  3. 96-04 Radiator Mounting Assembly
  4. 4.6L Oil Pan and Transmission Mount Assembly:  The later model oil pans are too low. 
  5. Fuel Filler Tube Assembly and Radiator Hose Assembly
  6. A/C Eliminator Bracket Assembly and Air Filter Mont Assembly


Donor Parts (what else do I need?)

Now that you know exactly what comes in our kit, you need to know what is required to finish your project. If you aren’t going to buy a Mustang for parts you can take a copy of our bill of materials list (in the assembly manual) and procure the remaining parts separately.  Many people will decide to buy some new parts.  If you decide to do this you can call us for an accurate parts list of Ford and aftermarket parts that you’ll need to finish the job (it’s also in the manual).  If you are using parts from a single donor car, expect to pay around $2,000-$3,000 for the entire vehicle.  If you source the parts separately, buying some parts new and some used, expect to pay a bit more.  The parts listed below are what you will need to take from the 1987-2004 Mustang.  The assembly manual includes this list broken down to the nut and bolt level.

1.       Engine and transmission assemblies.
2.       Driveshaft.
3.       Ford 8.8” rear end assembly w/quadshocks, springs and control arms.
4.       Mustang front and rear brake assemblies, w/master cylinder, emergency brake handle and pedal box.
5.       Mustang front wheel spindles and lower control arm.
6.       Mustang radiator and cooling fan shroud.
7.       Ford fuel tank, cap, and fuel filter.
8.       Mustang steering rack (w/factory ignition for 87-95 cars).
9.       Mustang gauge cluster, computer and wire harness for EFI cars.
10.  Mustang aluminum wheels (or use aftermarket/vintage wheels).