1982 GMC


Before and After

Here's the start, completely stock but showing it's age. This is just a clean up project and by no means a restoration, just making a nice driver. Body panels were repaired and not replaced.

Here's what we did:

Total drop of 6" up front and about 7" in the rear.

-Refinished wheels

-Flipped rear axle and add a C-Notch (lowers truck about 6 inches)

-Front drop springs (lowers front about 3 inches)

-Front Beltech drop spindles (lowers front another 3 inches)

-New drop shocks front and rear

-New front ball joints

-Bed: Sanded and covered with spray in bed liner

- Lower section under coated black instead of the white

- All rust removed and body work completed

-Interior: Dash fiber glassed and covered with Katzkins charcoal vinyl, roof liner re-covered with matching vinyl. Doors: sanded and painted, carpet areas dyed black. All interior trim pieces removed, sanded and painted.

-Body to be repainted Black.


yet to be lowered

Front lowered by springs only at this point

Here's with the spindles as well, for 6inches of drop.

add a set of 24's? ... Not likely...


Interior pictures

The start - duct tape and faded panels...

Cracked and peeling dash...


After a little clean up and the addition of some paint and Katzkins material:



Painted and ready - door jambs and under hood were also painted and a little chrome added to the motor.

Nice and low