Photo above is from the Discovery channels "Dream Machines" in which they built not one but two Pilgrim cars! (Both the Sumo and the Speedster, which we also carry).



Here's what the Discovery channels "A car is born" have to say about the Sumo. Which was there very first car chosen when they started the TV series!

The first of the 'ÖIs Born' series was
presented by former vet Mark Evans.

Mark built a Pilgrim Sumo - a replica
inspired by the 1960's super car the
AC Cobra.


Over 15 episodes, 'A Car is Born' was a step by step guide to building a super car from a kit - we saw the whole process from choosing the kit to taking the finished car for testing by Ian Forrest - Chief Racing Instructor at Knockhill Race Circuit. The philosophy of the show was a simple one - to provide anybody watching with the confidence and the know-how to have a go for themselves.

Although Mark was an avid car enthusiast, he had never tackled a project like this before, but it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life and has sparked a passion for engineering projects that has so far continued for six series.

A Car Is Born helped give a welcome boost to the whole kit car industry; it has been estimated that from an audience of over 2m so far nearly 2000 people have been inspired to purchase and embark on their own projects.
Sumo Cobra



Please contact us for details on the stages of Sumo kit that we offer ( we offer everything from the body and chassis by themselves all the way to a full kit with every part you will need. We also offer fully built turn key cars.


Full Chassis Package

Galvanizing of chassis

Body Package Fiber glass shell with doors, hood, and trunk

Hood with a molded Hood Scoop

Body finished in a colored gel coat


Gel coat colors available: Navy Blue, Racing Green, Crimson Red, Black, Yellow, and White. (To help with your decision we have sample cards of these colors)  these gel coats can always be painted at a later date. There a great way to get your car on the road for a lot less money!)


Sumo Starter Package:

Chassis, Galvanizing, 4 shock absorbers, 4 springs, 4 ball joints, 2 ball joint lock nuts, 10 bushes (MRM 225's + 201's), 2 track rod ends, steering shaft with joints, 2 rubber engine mounts (MRM 161's), Engine and gear box mounts, 4 flexi brake hoses, special handbrake cable, petrol tank, 2 upper wishbone pivot bolts, nut and bolt package, wiring loom, radiator, 2 fans, and 1 fan switch.



Donor Car Parts:

If you donít want to buy and strip a donor car we can supply all the parts you need:

Front hub uprights, Discs and calipers, Brake master cylinder with servo & vacuum pipe, pedal box Steering wheel, column, switches with electrical connectors and shroud, rubber bulkhead bush, Ignition lock & key, red relay for wiper delay, Handbrake lever with switch, Front door locks & striker plates, Differential with rubber mounting, 2 drive shafts, Rear radius arms, Brakes and drums.


With the above the only parts you will need are the Engine, gear box and a steering rack. (all of which we can supply as well).

With the donor parts and Starter package you will have everything you need to complete a rolling chassis (minus steering rack).

The sumo can be built with a wide range of engines, the chassis will accept everything from a Ford 4 cylinder, or 6 cylinders from the donor cars as well as a large selection of V8 engines (Ford 5 L, Chevy 5.7 L and Rover 3.5 L will all fit)

We also supply ALL of the parts you need to finish the Sumo to the highest levels: 

Please click the pages below to see them in full frame:

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Please note the average delivery times are 6 to 8 weeks.

We sell all parts separately, by only the parts your ready for and build your car as your budget allows. Please note some parts can take 8 weeks for delivery.


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