Complete 10 Package

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(1) Professionally Welded Chassis, Stress Analyzed By Cranfield University

Powder Coated Chassis and wishbones (Any Color)

Chassis (box-section space frame with suspension mounting brackets, brake pipe brackets front & rear, hand brake brackets, roll bar with back stays fitted/welded (not bolted), 4 point harness bar, steel floor fitted, rad brackets, steering brackets, bulk heads, petrol tank bracket, steering column bracket,)


(2) Suspension/Steering

Conversion Boss x 2

Top W/bones x 2
Bottom W/bones x2

Rear Top W/bones x 2

Rear Bottom W/bones x2

Rear Camber Adjusters x 2

Rear Hub Carriers x 2
Poly Bush with inserts Set
Nut x 2
Fully adjustable dampers 12 x 2

Fully adjustable dampers 12 x 2
8" rear springs 180 lbs x 2
8" front springs 300 lbs x 2
Top ball joint and nut x 2
Bottom ball joint x 2
Steering rack
Track rod ends and nut x 2

Steering Column Fitting Kit

Steering rack brackets and rubbers


(3) Bodywork (Various Gel Coat Colors)

Nose x 1

Scuttle x 1

Rear Wings x 2
Cycle wings x 2

Bonnet x 1
Rear Panel x 1

Dash with carbon fiber top layer x 1
Inner body finishers x 2
Alloy Full Length side & internal panel set, cut to size, folded with holes for W/bones


(4) Brakes

Goodrich Velocity Braided hose set

Brake light switch x 1

Brake warning lamp x 1
Hand brake cable x 2
Standard Pedal Box


(5) Luxury Light Package

7 Black head lamps with side lights x 2

Indicator rubber stalks front x 2
Indicator repeaters x 2
Number plate lamp x 1

Rear lamp cluster x 2
Rear fog lamp x 1

Reversing Light


(6) Clocks High Quality (ETB)

Speedo (high quality) x 1

Tacho (high quality) x 1

W/Temp (high quality) x 1

Oil Pressure (high quality) x 1

Volt Meter (high quality) x 1
Fuel Gauge (high quality) x 1

Fuel sender unit x 1 (high quality)



(7) Windscreen

Windscreen (laminated) with Frame x 1
Alloy windscreen supports x 2
Windscreen bolts x 6


(8) Interior

Wing mirror x 2
4 Point Harness x 2
Premium High Back Cobra Seat x 2

Seat runners x 2


(9) Engine parts

Radiator x 1
Pinto Engine mounts (steel) x 2
Engine mounts (rubber) x 2


(10) Miscellaneous
Alloy rivet pack 4mm x 12mm package of 200
Front wing support/stay x 2

Wiring loom with Fuse Box (new) x 1
Relay Pack x 1

Petrol tank 6 gallon x 1

Petrol tank straps x 2
Diff Bolts x 2
Luego nose badge


Complete 10 Package

This kit is based on a Sierra 1600/1800cc Donor.

You can purchase any section of this kit individually or all 10. The choice is yours!!




 Chassis. Fully Bracketed and welded floor, Full wishbone set, Hub carriers, Polly Bush Set, Deluxe Aluminum internal and external panel set, 8 piece fiber glass body color gel coated.

Information:  1 - (403) -606 -3505 (Canada)

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