We are proud to offer A & A Superchargers as an authorized dealer.

We invite you to look closely at our system vs. all others. The fit, finish and quality of components used are second to none. This commitment to aesthetics carries forward with the same commitment to function. We are continually analyzing how any part of the system could be potentially improved and implementing these improvements. It is through this never ending desire to offer the best system available that our system has evolved into just that.

Our bracket and pulley design offers excellent alignment and belt wrap. This is essential in any supercharger system and is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. Aluminum plate has variances in both thickness and straightness. We realized this early on and rather than use 9/16” plate in the manufacturing process, we use 5/8” plate and machine the entire plate on both sides. This is a costly addition to the manufacturing process but is the only way to assure that every single bracket is absolutely flat and dimensionally equal. No other manufacturer pays this much attention to detail in their brackets. We use double bearing pulleys with stainless inserts to support the bearings. Others just stick a bolt and washer through the pulley with no regard to properly supporting the bearing.

Our intercooler design also differs from any other. Not only are our intercoolers as large as practical for a Corvette, but the placement and attention given to airflow management is unmatched. An intercooler must have as much ambient airflow through the core area as possible to be efficient. Our design is the only one that is 100% exposed to frontal airflow either directly (C6) or through the use of directional scoops (C5). Not one square inch of either intercooler is shrouded by the frame or bodywork.

Airflow through the rear of the intercooler is also important. Most designs place the intercooler tightly against the radiator and air conditioning condenser. We place our intercoolers with a large space between these components which aids in airflow through the intercooler as well as airflow to the radiator and condenser.

We are also the only manufacturer that utilizes sheet metal panels to direct airflow into the radiator. Without these panels up to 35% of this air would be lost into the fender wells and front fascia. Again, we are the only manufacturer that includes any sort of panels to direct airflow into the radiator.

The inlet duct from our high flow air filter to the supercharger inlet is also designed with superior airflow in mind. The curves are smooth and cross sectional area is large. This all translates into lower inlet temps and more power output. Restrictions in the inlet duct drive up inlet temps and lower boost. Some manufacturers actually use a supercharger that is way too large for the application and try to choke down the inlet so as to limit boost at the top end. While this may make a nice looking dyno curve under ideal conditions, in real life the inlet air temperatures are sky high. They then recommend a methanol injection system to compensate for the mismatch in components. It is always better to use the correct supercharger for the intended application. We have a great trade in program available to those that decide to build a forged motor and run higher boost at a later date.

We recently contracted with Turbosmart to build our blow off valves. This valve is built in Australia to our specifications and is superior to other designs. There are no O Rings to come loose or flapper valves that don’t seal properly. The piston design reacts very quickly and has adequate airflow for most applications. It also has a great sound that without being obnoxious. ( We do have larger valves available for those that do want to be obnoxious.) The Turbosmart valve is another expensive addition to the A&A Supercharger system that is included in our very reasonable price.

 Now look at the price! With all these innovations and high quality parts used in our systems, our prices are still hundreds lower. The closer you look, the clearer the choice becomes.

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For a limited time complete kits are starting at (Canadian) : 

LS1 kits $6995
LS6 kits $6995
LS2 kits $6995
LS3 kits $7250
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