Haler Concepts is an official builder and supplier for Urban Gorilla LLC. 

Urban Gorilla off-road body kits turn your pickup or Suburban into the vehicle of your dreams. Body packages are designed to require only basic auto shop skills and equipment. Your completed vehicle will turn heads and go just about anywhere. Get started on your dream truck today!



Models Offered:

CombatCombat               Soft TopSoft Top          Hard TopHard Top

WagonWagon             Slant BackSlant Back



Soft Top


Hard Top




Slant Back





As Strong As It Looks

CAD subframe rendering

All bodies are constructed of laser-cut, 14-gauge, high-grade domestic steel built over a structural tubing sub frame. Computer controlled equipment and state of the art digital design drawings are used to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Doors, hood, and rear fender inserts are high-quality, gel-coat finished fiberglass composite. Every kit comes with full factory support, backed with the knowledge and expertise to help you as you build your project.


There are a wide range of donors available for Urban Gorilla bodies. The standard 4-door body is designed for a 130" wheelbase. Ford, Chevy/GM, or Dodge Standard Cab, long-bed pickups as well as Suburbans with a wheel base around 130" (usually 129" to 133") all make great donors. The preferred donor depends on the individual. Customers have used 1/2 ton, 3/4 tons, on up to 1 ton donors. All types of engines have been used as well. The majority have used Chevy 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton donors. The standard tub is designed to accommodate the wider frame rails on the 88 on up Chevy/GM pickups and 92+ Suburbans so many customers prefer to go with those as donors. Also, the steering extension kit also adapts to these newer columns (88 and newer).

Donors for 4 door 130" wheel base.

Chevy/GMC/Ford/Dodge standard cab long bed 1973-2004



Suburban 1973 - 1999


Donors for the 2 door model. All full size standard cab short bed pick ups, Blazer, Bronco,  Ram Charger




Urban Gorilla Body Kits are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. The complete job requires only ordinary auto shop skills and equipment. The main steps in the assembly process include:

  1. Remove old body, donor parts, and gas tank from donor
  2. Trim the front and rear frame horns
  3. Remove old body mounts where applicable
  4. Bolt on the provided body mounts
  5. Install the new fuel tank
  6. Mount the new body
  7. Install the radiator with the radiator relocation kit
  8. Install the front and rear bumpers
  9. Install the Steering column, heater box, wiring, etc.
  10. Install the front nose and rear quarter panel inserts
  11. Do the body work and paint
  12. Have the glass installed
  13. Do the interior
  14. Install the remaining hardware, seals, etc.
  15. Enjoy the process and the completed Ultimate 4x4



Prices are shown in Canadian dollars and are not including shipping (FOB Salt Lake City).

Basic body packages

Body style

One piece steel body, tilt front end, doors (except Combat), Top (except Combat), Hardware, Quarter panels, tailgate



Soft top pick-up


Hard top pick-up


Wagon back


Slant back


Deluxe body packages include these additional options:

Front bumper



Rear bumper



Interior Fiberglass kit



Gauge kit



Radiator mounting kit



Wiper kit



Lighting kit




Package discount



Deluxe package total


Upgrade accessory options

Fuel Tank Kit



Telescopic steering shaft



Power window package



Seating package



Black civilian style mirrors



Chrome civilian style mirrors



Stainless steel handle upgrade



14-circuit wiring harness



LED lighting kit



Pick-up carpet kit



Wagon/Slant Back carpet kit



Upholstery kit




Click the images below to enlarge the assembly manual.



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